Objects & Places from The Cape Ann

Faith Sullivan
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The Depot

This is the cramped one-room place where the Erhardts live.

The Trains

Lark feels comforted by the sound and vibrations caused by these, having grown up with them during her childhood.

Harvester, Minnesota

The small town where the Erhardts live.

St. Boniface Catholic Church

The place of Lark's First Confession and First Communion.

#127--The Cape Ann

The house plans Lark finds in a catalog that she initially believes to be the solution to all her family's problems.

Banjo Clock

An item hanging on the wall near Lark's crib that includes a painting into which Lark often escapes.

Brand Names

Symbols of capitalism seem throughout the book.

Morgan Lake

Hometown of Lark's aunt and uncle.

Blue Lake

Where Lark's grandparents live.


Where Lark is spanked and where Hilly is beaten.

Sin List

A list kept by Lark that she believes she will need to confess in...

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