Daily Lessons for Teaching The Cape Ann

Faith Sullivan
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

In Chapter 1, Mama announces that she's going to play bridge with friends and Papa announces that he's going to play poker. The objective of this lesson is to look at the need for friendship.


1) Class Discussion: Ask students to decide if Mama and Papa only want to go play cards with friends or if they need that time. Encourage students to consider the lives of both without friendships.

2) Homework: Have students write an essay defining friendship and what it means to a person. Are friendships more important to some people than to others? Why or why not?

3) Class Work: Have students write a brief paragraph outlining Mama's need for friends and comparing that to Papa's need for friends. Have a few students read their paragraphs aloud and open the floor for discussion.

4) Homework: Have students create a list of (five or ten) people they...

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