The Cape Ann Fun Activities

Faith Sullivan
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Create a Diorama

Have students create a diorama of any scene in the story. A shoebox could be used to create a small scene or a larger box for a larger scene. Encourage the use of various materials, including clay and paper.

Act It Out

Have students act out any scene from the book.

Come to Harvester

Have students create a travel brochure encouraging visitors, businesses, and new families to Harvester.

Write a Poem

Have students write a poem about any scene or character from the book.

Create a Crossword

Using an online program, create a crossword puzzle using clues from the book.

Dress it Up

Have students dress as they believe any character from the book would have dressed. Encourage that they use clues from the book, but allow them to embellish on the details given.

Paint It

Have students create a painting or drawing of the...

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