The Cape Ann Character Descriptions

Faith Sullivan
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Lark Ann Browning Erhardt - The six-year-old main character is often afraid of her father and very close to her mother.

Arlene Erhardt - Lark's mama.

Willie Erhardt - Lark's papa.

Hilly - A veteran who is mentally challenged because of war wounds.

Mrs. Stillman - Hilly's mother.

Betty Weller - Lark's maternal aunt who gives birth to a stillborn baby girl whom she names Marjorie.

Stanley Weller - Husband of Betty, he abandons his family in search of work and never returns.

Beverly Ridza - The young girl who teaches Lark to swim.

Sally Wheeler - One of Lark's best friends, Lark is jealous of Sally's home until she realizes what Sally's life is really like.

Mrs. Stella Wheeler - Sally's mother who cries a lot.

Bernice McGivern - One of Arlene's best friends, she helps with Hilly's funeral and hosts the reception afterward at her...

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