The Cape Ann Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Faith Sullivan
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Chapter 1

• Lark Ann Browning Erhardt is six years old and lives with her mother Arlene and her father Willie in a train depot.

• Lark's father is a clerk for the railroad, and the family lives in a room in the depot.

• Lark's mother announces her plans to go to her regular bridge game, but her father says he is going to play poker. The parents argue over who is going to watch Lark

Chapters 2 through 6

• Lark's Mama goes to play bridge with friends, telling Lark that she must be in bed by nine.

• Lark's Papa announces that he's going to play poker and takes Lark with him.

• Lark sleeps on the couch at Mr. Wendell's house while the men play poker until five thirty in the morning.

• Mama is angry when Lark and Papa get home and is barely civil to Papa for the coming weeks.

Chapters 7 through 11

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