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The Student's Tale

Write your own tale that could be included in The Canterbury Tales.

The Canterbury Tales

Create a musical representation of The Canterbury Tales.

The Pilgrim

Choose one pilgrim and create a visual representation of him or her.

The Pilgrimage Tour

Create a map showing the pilgrimage route.

Pilgrimage Tourist Agency

Create a brochure to “sell” the Host's pilgrimage to potential pilgrims.

The Illustrated Chaucer

Illustrate one of the pilgrims' tales.

Chaucer on Stage

Choose one of the tales to act out as a scene.

Coming Soon: The Canterbury Tales

Create a trailer for the film version of The Canterbury Tales.

Dear Mr. Chaucer

Answer Chaucer's retraction in a letter to him.

The Modern Chaucer

Write a premise for The Canterbury Tales as if it were set in today's society.

Appius' Mock Trial

Put Appius on trial for his treachery against Virginius.

And the Winner is...

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