The Canterbury Tales Character Descriptions

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The Narrator

The Narrator is a character named Geoffrey Chaucer. Despite seeming to record his observations of the pilgrims, the Narrator is not necessarily reliable.

The Knight and The Squire

The Knight is the first character described by the Narrator, as well as the teller of the first tale. He is representative of the ideal Christian medieval man-at-arms. He is admired by the Narrator. The Squire is the Knight's son and apprentice. He is handsome and loves dancing and courting.

The Wife of Bath

The Wife of Bath has been married five times, as well as had many affairs, making her an “expert on marriage.” She is deaf in one ear and has a gap between her two front teeth. She is a seamstress by trade, and is representative of medieval decadence.

The Pardoner

The Pardoner forgives people's sins for a price, but is a charlatan, collecting profits...

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