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General Prologue

• The General Prologue opens with the Narrator at the Tabard Inn before his journey to Canterbury on a pilgrimage.

• A group of pilgrims arrive, all of whom are also going to Canterbury. They accept the Narrator into their group.

• The Host, named Harry Bailey, proposes that each pilgrim tell stories on the journey: two on the way to Canterbury, and two on the way back. The Host will join the pilgrims and determine whose stories are best, and that pilgrim will be rewarded with a dinner when they return, at the expense of the other pilgrims.

The Knight's Tale

• The Knight is the first pilgrim to tell a tale.

• Duke Theseus comes upon two wounded soldiers in Thebes. He heals them, then imprisons them in the tower in Athens.

• One morning years later, one of the soldiers, Palamon, sees Emilie from his tower and instantly falls...

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