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Essay Topic 1

Analyze the author's reasons for writing "The Campaigns of Alexander", including the following:

1) Describe Arrian's background and why he is considered an authority on the history of Alexander the Great.

2) Explain Arrian's intentions in writing the book and how he hopes to accomplish them. 3) Describe the challenge that Arrian makes to the reader in order to substantiate his accuracy.

Essay Topic 2

Explain the circumstances surrounding the controversial assassination of Philip of Macedon. Include the varying theories of who is responsible for the assassination and the implications of Philips' death for Macedon in general.

Essay Topic 3

As the new ruler of Macedon by default, Alexander begins building an army to conquer the world.

1) Describe how the Macedonian army is established, and the initial response from Athens at the time.

2) Explain the reasons for Alexander's choice of Thrace as the first target.

3) Analyze the way that Alexander and...

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