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Book 1

• In the Campaigns of Alexander, Arrian intends to provide the most accurate and complete account of Alexander the Great's conquests.
• The controversial assassination of Philip of Macedon allows Alexander to take the throne at age twenty.
• Forming a Macedonian army and attacking Thrace is Alexander's top priority as the new ruler of Macedon.
• The battles with the Thracians lead to the crossing of the Danube River and the defeat of the Getae army.
• The Thebans pay dearly for a mistake as Alexander takes the town of Thebes and massacres its population.

Book 2

• Alexander accepts the challenge of the Gordian knot as his campaign moves into Asia.
• Recovering from an illness, Alexander continues to take town after town on his quest for domination.
• The Macedonians pass through the Syrian Gates during the night and prepare to meet Darius and the Persians.
• Issus is the battleground for the clash...

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