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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Silva tell Wooston?
(a) That the Mulkerin party has disappeared.
(b) That the Mulkerin party is in a dead-end canyon.
(c) That the Mulkerin party is back at their ranch.
(d) That he is quitting working for Wooston.

2. What does Sean tell Machado?
(a) Sean refuses to speak to Machado.
(b) That there will be no fighting at the fiesta.
(c) That Sean will fight Machado for Mariana the next day.
(d) That Mariana wants to return to Mexico with Machado.

3. Why does Bell try to arrest Sean?
(a) For stealing gold from land that does not belong to the Mulkerin family.
(b) For falsifying records.
(c) For refusing an eviction order.
(d) For the murder of Russell.

4. What shocks the others when Eileen returns to them?
(a) That there is only a few dollars of gold.
(b) That Juan is dead.
(c) That there is so much gold.
(d) That Juan has gone to stop Machado.

5. What does Sean say about Mariana when asked by Machado?
(a) Mariana is back at the ranch.
(b) Mariana is in Los Angeles.
(c) Mariana is with Juan.
(d) Mariana has made her choice.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Sean and Eileen do when they stop at a local store?

2. What does Pico know about Eileen?

3. How is Eileen described as looking as she rides?

4. Why is the merchant at the local store startled?

5. Who is Mariana supposed to find?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the situation at the ranch when Eileen and the others arrive back there?

2. What thoughts run through Eileen's mind while she is thinking about the gold when Juan is resting?

3. Who are the men that Sean meets who Montero sends to help the Mulkerin family?

4. Why does Francisco try to convince Russell of and what is Russell's response?

5. What noises do Wooston's men hear and why do they decide to wait until morning to confront Sean's group?

6. Who arrives at the party unexpectedly and how does he make Sean jealous?

7. How many men does Sean observe who are after them and what is Montero doing?

8. Why is Eileen distraught when she and Juan get to the gold?

9. What do the voices say about Russell?

10. What does Sean say to Wooston and Machado and what are their responses?

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