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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Eileen do with her coat?
(a) Covers Juan.
(b) To carry the gold.
(c) Uses it to protect her knees as she climbs.
(d) To signal Sean and the others.

2. What do Sean and Eileen do when they stop at a local store?
(a) Show everyone the gold they have found.
(b) Talk about what Wooston has done.
(c) Buy numerous quarts of whiskey for the fandango.
(d) Spread the news of the gold and the fandango.

3. What does a voice declare about Russell?
(a) That he is innocent of wrongdoing.
(b) That he must not be allowed to remember the night.
(c) That he is a foolish man.
(d) That he is an evil man.

4. What does Sean say about Mariana when asked by Machado?
(a) Mariana has made her choice.
(b) Mariana is back at the ranch.
(c) Mariana is in Los Angeles.
(d) Mariana is with Juan.

5. Why might the gold not be the answer to Eileen's predicament about the ranch house?
(a) The gold may not be on her land.
(b) The gold is not very pure.
(c) There is no time to mine the gold.
(d) The gold is on government land.

6. What idea does Eileen share with Sean?
(a) About Mariana's fate.
(b) About Juan.
(c) About Jaime and the gold.
(d) About a fandango.

7. Why does Machado want to wait until the morning to go up against Sean and the others?
(a) Machado wants to rest.
(b) Machado's group is in the open.
(c) Machado thinks there are ghosts that will help Sean's group in the dark.
(d) Many of the men do not want to move in the dark.

8. About what does Eileen hint at to the merchant?
(a) That the party will be attended by several important political figures.
(b) That there is plenty of gold to be had.
(c) That she will better Wooston at his game.
(d) That she plans to take Wooston to court.

9. What confirms Eileen's theory about the gold coming from the hills?
(a) Pick and shovel marks on the stone.
(b) Juan.
(c) Seeing a note scrawled by Jaime on a rock.
(d) Some small gold nuggets laying around.

10. Why is Eileen distraught?
(a) There is only enough gold to pay half of what she owes on the ranch.
(b) Sean is shot.
(c) Win is lost in the canyon.
(d) Mariana is captured by Marchado's men.

11. Why is Sean hunting?
(a) For gold.
(b) For Juan's body.
(c) For Russell.
(d) For meat for the fandango.

12. Where does Sean tell Mariana to ride if Machado's men find them?
(a) Los Angeles.
(b) San Bernadino.
(c) The Mulkerin ranch.
(d) The monastery.

13. What does Russell find in the cave?
(a) Juan's body.
(b) No gold.
(c) A wolf carcass.
(d) Francisco's body.

14. What do several people tell Sean about Wooston?
(a) That he has sworn out an arrest warrant for Eileen.
(b) That he is moving out of the area.
(c) That he has sworn out an arrest warrant for Juan.
(d) That they will help Sean fight him.

15. Who tells Sean that someone wants to speak with Sean?
(a) Machado.
(b) Eileen.
(c) Montero.
(d) Bell.

Short Answer Questions

1. What shocks the others when Eileen returns to them?

2. Who do Marchado's men fire at in the morning?

3. How does Russell feel as he is leaving the cave?

4. Who is the elderly man on the burro the Indian is leading?

5. Why is Eileen concerned about Juan?

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