The Californios Character Descriptions

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Eileen Mulkerin - This character is born in Ireland and moved to France as a young woman.

Sean Mulkerin - A twenty-two-year-old sailor who set out on his first sea voyage at age fourteen.

Michael Mulkerin - This character surprises his family when he decides to become a monk.

Micheltorena - The current governor of California.

Win Standish - Eileen's nephew, who helps all he can to save the family farm.

Zeke Wooston - A crooked man who wants to take the Mulkerin family farm away from them in order to use it as a smuggler's paradise.

Juan - An old friend of Jaime's and most likely the only person who knows where to find the gold so desperately needed by the Mulkerins.

Mariana de la Cruz - The fiancée of Andres Machado.

Andres Machado - An extremely wealthy and powerful Mexican known for his skills...

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