The Californios Character Descriptions

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Eileen Mulkerin

This character is born in Ireland and moved to France as a young woman.

Sean Mulkerin

A twenty-two-year-old sailor who set out on his first sea voyage at age fourteen.

Michael Mulkerin

This character surprises his family when he decides to become a monk.


The current governor of California.

Win Standish

Eileen's nephew, who helps all he can to save the family farm.

Zeke Wooston

A crooked man who wants to take the Mulkerin family farm away from them in order to use it as a smuggler's paradise.


An old friend of Jaime's and most likely the only person who knows where to find the gold so desperately needed by the Mulkerins.

Mariana de la Cruz

The fiancée of Andres Machado.

Andres Machado

An extremely wealthy and powerful Mexican known for his skills as a duelist and for his violent temper.

Jorge Fernandez

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