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Short Answer Questions

1. Riva's conversation with her daughter, stirred memories for Riva about what year?

2. What school did Riva and her siblings attend?

3. What was Riva's mother's marital status?

4. What were the people of the ghetto encouraged to do?

5. What happened to the men the Germans harassed?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was Riva at her lowest point of despair?

2. What happened to Riva upon her arrival in Auschwitz according to Chapter 25?

3. What did Riva recall in Chapter 2?

4. What did Yulek reveal to Riva, in Chapter 20?

5. What did Motele say about the remaining families in Chapter 22?

6. What did David Berkenwald do for Riva, in Chapter 18?

7. What did Riva say would have been easy, according to Chapter 30?

8. What happened when the police arrived?

9. What happened to Nacha after the German inspection?

10. What did Motele return home with and why was Riva worried?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the types of punishment used in the concentration and labor camps during the Holocaust and the purpose of the punishments. Analyze whether the punishment fit the "crime."

Essay Topic 2

Analyze the use and purpose of Nazi propaganda and conclude whether the intended purpose was achieved.

Essay Topic 3

Compare Yulek and Riva's experiences and background, and discuss how their relationship impacted Riva.

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