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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old was Faygele in Chapter 16?
(a) 15 years old.
(b) 18 years old.
(c) 19 years old.
(d) 14 years old.

2. What were Riva and Laibele talking about at the start of Chapter 14?
(a) Poems they learned as children.
(b) How to escape the ghetto.
(c) How to find food.
(d) The war.

3. What served as a toilet during the train ride, in Chapter 24?
(a) Buckets.
(b) A single toilet.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Holes in the floor.

4. What did Riva say there was a limit to?
(a) The amount of time the Nazi can hold on to the Soviet advance.
(b) The amount of soldier the Nazis were capable of sending to the ghetto.
(c) The number of time ones can be humiliated.
(d) The amount of suffering they could take.

5. What area of the shop did the manager transfer Riva to?
(a) The cutting area.
(b) The sewing area.
(c) The cleaning area.
(d) The assembly area.

6. What friends did Riva promise to try to stay with if the men and women were separated at their destination?
(a) Ira and Yuma.
(b) Karola and Yuma.
(c) Karola and Rifkele.
(d) Rifkele and Saba.

7. Who did Riva start writing letters to in Chapter 16?
(a) Dead rabbis.
(b) God.
(c) Members of her family.
(d) Herself.

8. What list did Yulek discover he was on, in Chapter 20?
(a) A wanted list.
(b) The list of high skilled workers.
(c) The list of teenagers to be deported.
(d) The list for the draft.

9. Where did Riva start working, in Chapter 18?
(a) A pot factory.
(b) A tank repair depot.
(c) A steel mill.
(d) At a sewing factory.

10. What tool did one of the men carry, according to Chapter 23?
(a) A sewing machine.
(b) A steel press.
(c) A wood stove.
(d) A hammer.

11. Who did the coat in Chapter 19 belong to?
(a) An uncle.
(b) Riva.
(c) A neighbor.
(d) A niece.

12. What did Riva and others in her building receive, in Chapter 17?
(a) Orders to move.
(b) Orders to clean their apartment.
(c) Food coupons.
(d) Two arm-loads of wood.

13. What was Riva's brother Motele doing in Chapter 14?
(a) Building tools for the Jewish underground movement.
(b) Being a lookout for men tearing down a building.
(c) Working in a factory.
(d) Studying.

14. What did most of the families of the ghetto decide to do, according to Motele, in Chapter 22?
(a) Try to escape.
(b) Commit suicide.
(c) Volunteer for resettlement.
(d) Try to revolt.

15. What was the Skif?
(a) The resettlement association.
(b) The communist party.
(c) The organization of socialist children.
(d) The Nazis party.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to Laibele in springtime?

2. Who was frightened in Yulek's apartment?

3. What sentence did Motele receive after being caught?

4. What did Motele say they should use part of the "one room walk in" as?

5. What was the name of the motherly neighbor Riva talked about?

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