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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What question did Nancy ask her mother?
(a) Why the Nazis invaded Poland.
(b) Why her mother had trouble sleeping.
(c) Why the Nazis were allowed to kill so many people.
(d) Why they didn't have food growing up.

2. What did Riva think after being separated from her cousin?
(a) That the house was going to collapse.
(b) That the Soviets were monsters.
(c) That she was going to die.
(d) That the soldiers were well dressed.

3. What did Riva's younger brother contract when he was 13?
(a) Meningitis.
(b) Pneumonia.
(c) Tuberculosis.
(d) Cancer.

4. What language did the landlady speak besides Polish?
(a) Yiddish.
(b) French.
(c) German.
(d) English.

5. Where were Riva and her family living a month after the events of Chapter 4?
(a) In the Warsaw ghetto.
(b) In Auschwitz.
(c) In the Krakow ghetto.
(d) In the Lodz ghetto.

6. Why did the Germans take Riva's mother away?
(a) Because she didn't have a job.
(b) Because she was wanted.
(c) Because they said she was sick.
(d) Because they had to fill they quotas.

7. How old was Riva's cousin when they lived in Poland?
(a) 13 years old.
(b) 14 years old.
(c) 16 years old.
(d) 15 years old.

8. What were the Jews forced to wear in 1940?
(a) A red circle.
(b) A yellow star.
(c) A green rectangle.
(d) A blue hat.

9. What was Riva dreading, according to Chapter 1?
(a) Taking the car.
(b) Looking people in the eye.
(c) Going to sleep.
(d) Going outside.

10. What was Riva's job in the ghetto?
(a) Sewing flags.
(b) Making ammunition.
(c) Making steel pots.
(d) Sewing German uniforms.

11. What did some children create in the ghetto?
(a) Play groups.
(b) Trading groups.
(c) Secret study groups.
(d) Food scavenger groups.

12. What job did Riva take in order to stay at home with her brother?
(a) Braiding rugs.
(b) Writing letters to soldiers.
(c) Sewing uniforms.
(d) Teaching.

13. What did Riva agree on in order to adopt her brothers?
(a) To work for the Child Welfare Department.
(b) To give up any privilege of being a child.
(c) To get a job.
(d) To work from home only.

14. How many siblings was Riva living with in the ghetto?
(a) 3 siblings.
(b) 6 siblings.
(c) 2 siblings.
(d) 5 siblings.

15. What was the name of Riva's cousin, according to Chapter 4?
(a) Mecha.
(b) Sophia.
(c) Saba.
(d) Yeba.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Riva call the event she witnessed in Chapter 4?

2. How old was Riva in her recollection?

3. What did workers get for their labor?

4. What did the landlady's grandson wear when he pounded on the door?

5. What did Riva's siblings trade for bread on the black market?

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