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The Horror Caravan of 1940 - This was the rounding up of Jews on the streets of Lodz.

Volksdeutsche - This was an organization which declared German ancestry.

Lodz, Poland - This was where Riva's family lived prior to the German extermination program.

The Lodz Ghetto - This was where Riva and her family lived while hiding from the Nazis.

Vigantol - This was a kind of vitamin smuggled into the ghetto.

Child Welfare Department - This organization tried to separate Riva and her family, but eventually petitioned for Riva to be a legal adoptive parent.

The Skif - This underground children's socialist movement provided information, study opportunities, and planning.

The Bund - This was an adult socialist movement.

Auschwitz - Riva, her brothers, and others from the neighborhood were taken to this prison camp.

Mittlesteine - This was the second camp to which Riva was taken...

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