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Objective: Chapter 1 through 13 The Cage is a memoir focusing on Ruth Minsky Sender's experience under Nazi rule, including the persecution and suffering experienced in the Lodz Ghetto and in her time in concentration camps. The objective of this lesson is to examine the author of The Cage, Ruth Minsky Sender and the memoir as a literary genre.

1) Independent Work: Library Research and Biography: Students should write a biography on Ruth Minsky Sender, including when she was born, what other books she wrote, what her birth name was, and other information.

2) Pair Work: Discuss and Define: Students should discuss the genre of a memoir and write a definition of what it means, other terms used to describe it, and the types of memoirs. Students should come to a definition of the term and write it in their notebooks.

3) Class Discussion: Who is Ruth Minsky Sender? What role does...

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