The Cage Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Riva Minska - Thirteen years old when three older siblings left the country, this girl was given custody of her younger brothers when she was sixteen.

Laibele - This person contracted tuberculosis and died at age 13.

Nacha Minska - After losing her husband in an epidemic, this woman worked as a tailor to support her children, convinced the Germans would not harm women and children.

Motele - Feeling responsibility for his family, this man was caught stealing wood for children. The judge took pity on him and admired his not saying who else was involved.

Moishele - This caring and loving person offered moral support to others.

Shmulek Nichtigal - This man, mistakenly released from a Nazi prison camp, went to Riva though who refused to let him spend nights with her family.

Mrs. Gruber - This landlady was part of those who denounced the family when...

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