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Chapter 1 through 13

• In Chapter 1, Riva talked with her daughter Nancy about how it was possible for the Nazis to kill so many people without anyone intervening.

• Riva reminisced of the events starting in 1939.

• Riva was living in Lodz, Poland, with her mother Nacha and 6 siblings.

• Riva and her family were renting an apartment from Mrs. Gruber who was nice and spoke Yiddish even though she was not Jewish.

• Nacha was a widow and ran a tailor factory.

• Riva and her brothers went to private schools.

• The Jewish men of Lodz started to talk about the Nazis and the war.

• The Grubers joined the Volksdeutsche and then the Nazi party.

• The Germans raided Riva's apartment and Mrs .Gruber refused to let her keep the stove.

• Riva's best friend was her 15 year old cousin Saba.

• Riva and Saba witnessed a beating by Germans of Jews, including a pregnant woman.

• The...

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