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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After a few months together in New York, what is the first thing that makes Karim want to get away from Charlie?
(a) Charlie forgets Karim's birthday.
(b) Charlie assaults a journalist.
(c) Charlie beats up Karim.
(d) Charlie forgets to come home one night.

2. Who is Marlene?
(a) Pyke's sister.
(b) An acting student of Pyke's.
(c) Pyke's mistress.
(d) Pyke's wife.

3. How does Karim betray Changez for the second time?
(a) By getting Jamila pregnant.
(b) By revealing one of Changez' secrets to Jamila.
(c) By promising he would create a character based on Changez, but not doing it.
(d) By basing a character on him, even after Changez asked him not to.

4. What does Karim realize about Charlie by the end of Part Two, Chapter Seventeen?
(a) Charlie loves someone else.
(b) Charlie wants to marry him.
(c) He has outgrown Charlie.
(d) He wants to marry Charlie.

5. How has Charlie changed his band in Part Two, Chapter Ten?
(a) They now play punk.
(b) They only wear red now.
(c) They now play classic rock.
(d) They all shaved their heads.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Eva and Haroon's relationship begin to change after they move to the city?

2. Who does Karim get in a physical fight with at the end of Part Two, Chapter Fifteen?

3. How does Karim break up with Eleanor?

4. Where does Pyke invite Karim and Eleanor in Part Two, Chapter Eleven?

5. When Karim and Eleanor argue at Pyke's house, why is Karim upset?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Karim and Haroon compare and reflect one another at the end of the novel?

2. How is Eleanor demonstrating a manipulative side by Part Two, Chapter Thirteen?

3. Under what pretense does Matthew Pyke enter the story?

4. After returning to London, in what ways does Karim realize he is finally an adult?

5. What sort of overall reception does the play receive?

6. How does Jamila react to the death in Part Two, Chapter Thirteen?

7. What activities does Pyke have his acting troupe do as they come together for the first time?

8. What aspects of Karim and Changez make them character foils of one another and likely allow for their strong friendship?

9. Who is in Pyke's acting troupe, and how are they different from one another?

10. How has Charlie been influenced by punk?

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