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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Two - In the City, Chapter Ten.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of groups has Jamila gotten involved with that Anwar does not like?
(a) Vegetarian groups.
(b) Educational groups.
(c) Political groups.
(d) Self-defense groups.

2. What happens at Charlie's concert which Eva and Karim attend?
(a) Charlie calls them onstage.
(b) Charlie falls of stage.
(c) A riot breaks out.
(d) Eva and Karim gets lost from one another.

3. Who does Eva persuade to come work on her house in Part One, Chapter Eight?
(a) Ted.
(b) One of Karim's school friends.
(c) Jean.
(d) Charlie.

4. Who is Ted looking to pick a fight with at the beginning of Part One, Chapter Four?
(a) Karim.
(b) Any one.
(c) Jeeta.
(d) Haroon.

5. What is Shadwell's profession?
(a) Teacher.
(b) He is unemployed.
(c) Grocer.
(d) Director.

Short Answer Questions

1. Overall, the production of Karim's play is _________.

2. What does Anwar do to try and get Jamila to obey him regarding the arranged marriage?

3. How does Karim feel about Terry initially?

4. Who does Changez ask to show him around town?

5. What does Changez want to see in town?

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