The Buddha of Suburbia Character Descriptions

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Karim Amir, Creamy

The son of an Indian father and an English mother, this teenager is the main character.

Haroon Amir, Buddha of Suburbia, God, Harry

This first-generation Indian immigrant starts giving lectures to other suburbanites about Eastern Philosophy.

Eva Kay

This character is a suburban wife who has a love affair with the character who teaches Eastern Philosophy, and is instrumental in getting the main character started in acting.

Charlie Kay, Charlie Hero

This manipulative character's ability to discard personas and adopt new ones enables him to embrace the fledgling punk rock movement and act the role required to become a big star.

Jamila, Jammie

This character is the main character's childhood friend and sometime lover. This character is also pushed into an arranged marriage.

Changez, Bubbles

This character has a withered arm and is not as lazy and unintelligent as he seems on the surface.


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