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Part One - In the Suburbs, Chapter One

• The Buddha of Suburbia is a satirical coming of age story that deals with issues of class, race, and identity.

• The protagonist, Karim, has an Indian father (Haroon) and English mother (Margaret).

• Haroon confides to Karim that he is unhappy in his marriage, but doesn't want to divorce Karim's mother.

• Haroon leads a speech about Easter Philosophy at Eva's house. He and Eva are having an affair.

• Karim is bisexual and has a crush on Eva's son, Charlie.
• Karim and Charlie smoke a join together.

• Karim discovers Haroon and Eva having sex in the garden.

• Karim makes a move on Charlie, but they are discovered by Haroon and Eva.

• Later, at home, Haroon is drunk and upset that he found Karim with a bow.

• Karim admits to Haroon that he saw Haroon and Eva in the garden.

• Margaret is disgusted...

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