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Short Answer Questions

1. What baseball position does Everett play in Book Two?

2. How does Laura punish Peter, Everett, and Kincaid after the Psalm War?

3. What does Kincaid's piggy bank resemble?

4. What privilege does Hugh give the boys after his fight with Laura at the end of Book Two?

5. According to Irwin's paper in Book One, how tall is Grandawma?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do the boys name the pitches their father practices in Book Two?

2. What political figure does Kincaid compare Laura and "her Bible" to in Book Three and why?

3. According to Kincaid in Book One, what causes Papa to start up smoking again after he had quit?

4. Why does Irwin cuss around Everett?

5. What is revealed about the role that Everett and Irwin play within the Chance family during their conversations at the hedge in Book Two?

6. What reason does Hugh give to the boys for Laura's devotion to her religion?

7. What do the boys make a pact to pray for at the end of Book Two?

8. Why are Irwin and the twins nonplussed by the "incriminating evidence" Elder Babcock and Laura show them against Peter, Everett, and Kincaid?

9. How did Papa lose his thumb?

10. What did Hugh wear while practicing pitching in the shed?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In The Brothers K, Duncan utilizes many popular historical baseball figures as characters and anecdotes throughout the novel. Using at least three examples of these figures from the text, discuss how the inclusion of these characters affects the plot and directs the themes of the novel.

Essay Topic 2

One of the strongest literary tools employed by Duncan in The Brothers K is the use of paradox and irony. Give examples of where Duncan has employed verbal or situational irony and discuss in detail how this use of irony has furthered the plot, developed characters, or strengthened a theme.

Essay Topic 3

Early on in the novel, Duncan describes a tenuous relationship between Hugh and Laura; however, later, he utilizes a flashback to describe the courtship and early period of their marriage as being quite different. What does this deliberate timeline established by Duncan suggest to the reader about the marriage between Laura and Hugh, what it is based upon, and how it functions? Use specific events from the text to back up your assertions.

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