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Short Answer Questions

1. When Kincaid has a nightmare in Book One, how does Hugh help him get back to sleep?

2. What nickname does Everett give the Psalms in Boot Two?

3. What does Irwin give Officer Hervano as a token after Officer Hervano attempts to save Irwin in Book Two?

4. According to Hugh, what does it mean when a catcher "frames a pitch"?

5. How does Irwin lose his rain slicker in Book Two?

Short Essay Questions

1. What freedom does Laura grant Peter, Everett, and Kincaid after the Psalm War in Book Three?

2. What is Peter's opinion on miracles?

3. Why do some players call Papa "Smoke"?

4. What political figure does Kincaid compare Laura and "her Bible" to in Book Three and why?

5. What do the Twins do for Grandawma as a token of their love and affection after she dies?

6. How does Laura respond to the apology and gifts from Peter, Everett, and Kincaid in Book Three?

7. As Peter begins to ask and contemplate deep questions in Book Two, where does he turn to seek answers?

8. What reason does Hugh give to the boys for Laura's devotion to her religion?

9. As the Chance boys watch their father practice pitching and working against his handicap, what do they learn?

10. Why doesn't the Chance family use their heater in the Fortyford in Book One?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In The Brothers K, Duncan utilizes many popular historical baseball figures as characters and anecdotes throughout the novel. Using at least three examples of these figures from the text, discuss how the inclusion of these characters affects the plot and directs the themes of the novel.

Essay Topic 2

One of the strongest literary tools employed by Duncan in The Brothers K is the use of paradox and irony. Give examples of where Duncan has employed verbal or situational irony and discuss in detail how this use of irony has furthered the plot, developed characters, or strengthened a theme.

Essay Topic 3

Throughout The Brothers K, Peter and Everett specifically go through a growth and maturing process due to the experiences they undergo. Using at least two specific examples from the text, discuss how Duncan illustrates this growth and maturing process and how it is central to the overarching theme of the novel.

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