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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What dessert does Laura give Irwin in exchange for guessing a secret in Book One?
(a) Blackberry pie.
(b) Some chewing gum.
(c) An ice cream cone.
(d) A piece of lemon cake.

2. Where does Hugh get transferred to after he is injured playing for the Chicago White Sox?
(a) He is fired and plays just for fun for a city league.
(b) He is immediately transferred to the U.S. Army team.
(c) A minor league team in Oklahoma.
(d) A minor league team in Washington.

3. Who is the first to jump between Everett and Laura when Laura starts striking Everett in Book Two?
(a) Hugh.
(b) Irwin.
(c) Peter.
(d) Kincaid.

4. What was Hugh's father's profession?
(a) He was a mathematics professor.
(b) He was a baseball scout.
(c) He was a professional baseball player.
(d) He was a mechanic.

5. What job does Everett hold to earn money in high school?
(a) Bagging groceries.
(b) School janitor.
(c) Mail Courier.
(d) Pizza delivery boy.

6. According to Kincaid, what doe WP stand for?
(a) Winnie Peckers.
(b) Wild Pitches.
(c) Wombat Poops.
(d) Weirdo People.

7. Who witnesses the death of Grandawma?
(a) Hugh.
(b) Kincaid.
(c) The twins.
(d) Irwin and Peter.

8. To apologize to Laura in Book Three, what does Everett give her?
(a) A teddy bear.
(b) Some chocolates.
(c) A long handwritten letter.
(d) A new family Bible.

9. In Book One, which guest on The Ed Sullivan Show is liked by Laura and Irwin?
(a) A ventriloquist.
(b) Frank Sinatra.
(c) Maurice Chevalier.
(d) Perry Como.

10. When Hugh plays ball as entertainment for the troops what does he not like about his situation?
(a) He has to pitch every night, which fatigues his shoulder as he gets no rest.
(b) He plays for the team that is rigged to lose every game.
(c) He has to play first baseman instead of pitcher.
(d) He has to play short stop instead of pitcher.

11. What song does Hugh compare "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" to in Book Two?
(a) Stand Up for Jesus.
(b) Silent Night.
(c) Happy Birthday.
(d) Amazing Grace.

12. To what church does Laura belong?
(a) Jehovah's Witness.
(b) Seventh Day Adventist.
(c) Protestant.
(d) Roman Catholic.

13. What event prompts Hugh Chance to start smoking?
(a) The death of his dog.
(b) The death of his father.
(c) Getting kicked off the high school baseball team.
(d) His first no-hitter.

14. According to Kincaid, what does POW stand for?
(a) Pilgrims of Work.
(b) Prisoners of Worship.
(c) Princes of Worship.
(d) Pirates of Wonder.

15. What does the Chance family call Hugh's practice in the shed?
(a) Papa's prayin'.
(b) Shedball.
(c) Pitching Practice.
(d) Dreamball.

Short Answer Questions

1. What action does Hugh apologize for profusely at the end of Book One?

2. Who gave Everett the Playboy magazines that Laura finds in his room?

3. What do Laura and Hugh do for their first date?

4. How does Everett earn his first high school suspension?

5. What is the name of the dog that Irwin rescues in Book Two?

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