The Brothers K Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why do some players call Papa "Smoke"?

Some players call Papa "Smoke" because of his Lucky Strikes and his fastball. Yet others call him "Hook" because of his curve balls and his nose.

2. What reason does Papa give for Mama expecting twins in Chapter 1?

Pap tells his sons that Mama had her first three sons one at a time, but she had gotten so good at it that she decided to grow two at once this time to save money, time, and trouble.

3. How did Papa lose his thumb?

Papa lost his thumb in an accident at the Crown Zellerbach mill when he rested his hand on a pair of big metal paper-rollers, and someone turned on the machine at that same instant taking off his thumb.

4. Why doesn't Kincaid go to church with his Mama and siblings in Book One, Chapter 2?

Kincaid doesn't go to church in Chapter 2 because he is going fishing with Papa instead. He gets to stay home and spend the day with him.

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