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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book One, Joy to the World.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After the accident, who sends forty dollars to Hugh for him to use to buy himself a gift?
(a) The members of Laura's church.
(b) Gale Durham, manager of a baseball team.
(c) His neighborhood pools money, and Roy sends it.
(d) His co-workers from the mill.

2. Who is Grandawma's hero?
(a) Babe Ruth.
(b) Jesus Christ.
(c) Charles Darwin.
(d) Charles Dillon.

3. What action does Hugh apologize for profusely at the end of Book One?
(a) Being late for work at the mill.
(b) Hitting Kinkaid.
(c) Wrecking his vehicle.
(d) Forgetting to pick up his friend Roy.

4. What dessert does Laura give Irwin in exchange for guessing a secret in Book One?
(a) An ice cream cone.
(b) Blackberry pie.
(c) Some chewing gum.
(d) A piece of lemon cake.

5. Who is Ellen G. White?
(a) A religious lady admired by the Adventists.
(b) An expert on thumb surgery.
(c) A baseball commentator.
(d) A neighbor of the Chance family.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hugh tell Kincaid to do to practice for their fishing trip in Book One?

2. What do the Chance boys call Grandawma's dog?

3. What does Kincaid's piggy bank resemble?

4. Why does drinking terrify Laura?

5. Where does Hugh go to play ball in Book One?

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