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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Two, Dogmatomachy.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hugh tell Kincaid to do to practice for their fishing trip in Book One?
(a) Practice reeling in his line in the kitchen.
(b) Practice tying flies in the living room.
(c) Practice casting outside.
(d) Practice concentrating, but concentrate on the baseball game.

2. What is Peter's reaction to the film shown at school about bombs?
(a) He thinks it's funny and reenacts it for his family that evening.
(b) It makes him cry and vomit.
(c) It causes him to faint.
(d) It makes him upset and angry.

3. Where does Hugh get transferred to after he is injured playing for the Chicago White Sox?
(a) A minor league team in Washington.
(b) A minor league team in Oklahoma.
(c) He is fired and plays just for fun for a city league.
(d) He is immediately transferred to the U.S. Army team.

4. How does Mama react to Irwin's prayer at the supper table in Book Two?
(a) She sheds a few tears of joy.
(b) She runs into the kitchen closet and laughs.
(c) She remains plain faced and doesn't react to the prayer.
(d) She scolds Irwin.

5. Why does Brother Beal call Irwin, "Iron Man Irwin"?
(a) Irwin is solemn and doesn't use many facial expressions.
(b) Irwin has an excellent memory for scriptures.
(c) Irwin collects nails.
(d) Irwin is so stubborn.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which classmate of Kincaid's has a hair lip that causes a speech impediment?

2. How does Irwin lose his rain slicker in Book Two?

3. What three things do Laura and Hugh fight about in Book One that prompts her to take the twins up to Spokane?

4. To what church does Laura belong?

5. Where is Grandawma from?

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