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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Four, The Left Stuff.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who attends the opening night of Everett's play?
(a) Peter and Irwin.
(b) The entire family.
(c) Laura and Hugh.
(d) Irwin and Kincaid.

2. Why does drinking terrify Laura?
(a) All of the bums on the street were drunks.
(b) Her father was a drunk.
(c) It is a much preached against sin in her church.
(d) She is a recovering alcoholic herself.

3. Whom does Peter quote during his speech at the post season baseball banquet?
(a) Karl Marx.
(b) W.C. Fields.
(c) Dwight Eisenhower.
(d) Buddha.

4. What college does Everett attend on a work/study scholarship?
(a) Camas Community College.
(b) University of Washington.
(c) Berkley.
(d) Harvard.

5. In Book One, which guest on The Ed Sullivan Show is liked by Laura and Irwin?
(a) Perry Como.
(b) Maurice Chevalier.
(c) A ventriloquist.
(d) Frank Sinatra.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who encourages Laura to spy on her sons and go through their rooms looking for incriminating evidence?

2. What unexpected event ends Irwin's career as a track star?

3. What is the name of Everett's weekly column for the university's newspaper?

4. Which child has contacted Doc Franken to bring him to the Chance home in Book Three?

5. Why does Everett play the baseball position he does?

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