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Camas, WA

This is small town where the Chance family lives.

Vietnam War

This was the war of the 1960s for the United States. It divided the country.

Lucky Strikes

This is the brand name of cigarettes.

Thumb/Toe Surgery

This is a revolutionary procedure invented that replaces a dead digit with the patient's working digit from another limb.

Paper Mill

This is a large plant where Hugh Chance works.


This sport is a favorite pastime of the Chance family.

Seventh Day Adventist Church

This is a religion that has extremely strict rules and regulations.

Me Kong Delta

This is a part of Vietnam.

Chance Family Home

This is a house large enough to accommodate a family of eight, but it is not extravagant or luxurious.

Kincaid, OK

This is the town where the Chance family lived when they were most happy and peaceful.


This is...

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