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Essay Topic 1

Duncan utilizes the literary device of hyperbole extensively throughout The Brothers K. Using at least three textual examples, describe how Duncan uses hyperbole, how it contributes to characterizations or pacing, and whether or not it is effective.

Essay Topic 2

Early on in the novel, Duncan describes a tenuous relationship between Hugh and Laura; however, later, he utilizes a flashback to describe the courtship and early period of their marriage as being quite different. What does this deliberate timeline established by Duncan suggest to the reader about the marriage between Laura and Hugh, what it is based upon, and how it functions? Use specific events from the text to back up your assertions.

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the novel Laura's views of her religion and her fervor towards it change drastically; however, Hugh's views of her religion remain somewhat the same. Discuss the dichotomy of how these views...

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