The Brothers K Character Descriptions

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Kincaid Chance

This character is named after a town in Oklahoma.

Hugh Chance

This character is a professional baseball player who has six children.

Laura Chance

This mother of six children is a very dedicated and devout member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Peter Chance

This handsome character has a very fragile constitution and is frequently vomiting or fainting.

Irwin Chance

This character is drafted and sent to Vietnam.

Everett Chance

This character relocates to Canada to avoid the draft.

Winifred Chance

This character becomes a veterinarian.

Beatrice Chance

This character is a twin who has a close relationship with her mother and later becomes a world traveler.


This character is originally from England, but now lives in the United States, despite feeling animosity towards the country.

Dr. Franken

This character invents the surgery that replaces a damaged thumb with a patient's big toe.

Bull Durham

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