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Book One, Joy to the World

• Kincaid describes sitting on his father's lap watching him smoke.

• As the family sits together watching The Ed Sullivan Show, Laura peels an orange for Papa.

• She peels the orange because Papa has lost his thumb in an accident at work, which saddens the family as he will no longer be able to play baseball which is his greatest love and hobby.

• The Chance family is poor and has a lot of difficulties, but they love each other.
• Kincaid describes his home and family. His mother (Laura) is a devout Seventh Day Adventist, his father (Hugh) loves baseball.

• Hugh and Laura often have fights over religion, baseball, and money. After one fight Laura leaves with the twins for a week, but she eventually returns. They work things out.

• His older brother Irwin is very large and muscular, yet innocent and joyful. Everett...

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