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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the president's son?

2. Where does Backman's mother live?

3. Neal Backman is being watched under what level of surveillance?

4. Where is the bank located?

5. Marco tells his handlers that he wants to live in which Italian city?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Backman do shortly after arriving in Treviso?

2. The FBI learns about a bank account in Grand Cayman that is most likely connected to Joel Backman. Discuss the discovery and the FBI's request of Teddy Maynard.

3. How does Luigi propose Backman deal with the language barrier? What will Backman tell the locals about his lack of knowledge about the language?

4. It is never clear to Backman who Luigi is or who he works for in the US. Who does Luigi work for and to whom does he report?

5. Discuss Mrs. Critz's doubts about her husband's death. Does she know how and why her husband died? Does she tell anyone about her suspicions?

6. What happens when Teddy Maynard learns about Critz's activities?

7. At this point in the story what is the general structure of Backman's average day? What things does he do daily?

8. Who is Duke Mongo? Why is his pardon such a huge controversy?

9. Why is there tension between Backman and Ermanno? What is Backman's demand?

10. What are the President's immediate plans after leaving office? What are the opinions of his wife and others regarding these plans?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

From the time Backman landed in Italy he seemed to be formulating a plan to get away from Luigi, the military and other agencies. Discuss Backman's plan to go on the run. Is it a smart move to try to get away? What are Backman's obstacles? Can those obstacles be overcome? Backman is not aware of the level of surveillance he is under and would perhaps make another decision if he knew. Examine what Backman did and did not know about the surveillance, Luigi, the other American agencies, and the involvement of the foreign factions, including the Tin Man. If Backman does get away, where will he go? How will he get there? What will he use for money? Who might be willing to help Backman execute the plan? Why?

Essay Topic 2

Grisham examines the existence of JAM, a program designed to block transmissions to and from satellites in space. Discuss JAM. Do you think it exists? If so, where and how is it used? Who uses it? If it does not exist, how long do you think it might take to develop such a system? Technologically speaking, who is most likely to create and develop this type of program? Research the internet for information on this type of product. Write about the information found. Also discuss what Grisham's current opinion might be on this topic.

Essay Topic 3

Backman decides the right thing to do is to turn JAM over to the Pentagon. Discuss Backman's decision. Why did Backman make the choice? Was it the right choice? Was Backman concerned about national security or did he have a bout with his conscience? Does Backman get paid for the program? Does Backman turn everything over or does he hold something back? Explain. What do you think the Pentagon intends to do with JAM? Do you think Backman is safe now? Explain.

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