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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Marco buys a book of poetry written by which author?
(a) Voznesensky.
(b) Milosz.
(c) Walesa.
(d) Vysotsky.

2. The CIA wants Backman to tell them who owns the _____.
(a) Bank account.
(b) Weapons of mass destruction.
(c) Blueprints.
(d) Satellites.

3. What currency is used most widely in Italy?
(a) Pound.
(b) Lire.
(c) Euro.
(d) Mark.

4. One of the groups looking for Backman often employs a hit man known only as the _____.
(a) Wizard.
(b) Tin Man.
(c) Professor.
(d) Scarecrow.

5. Maynard is fired for refusing to do which of the following?
(a) Issue a pardon for Critz.
(b) Resign.
(c) Reveal Backman's location.
(d) Take a bribe.

6. Francesca insists that Marco practice his ____.
(a) Verbs.
(b) Vocabulary.
(c) Adjectives.
(d) Conjugation.

7. The newest of the informants is located in which city?
(a) Abu Dhabi.
(b) Riyadh.
(c) Dubai.
(d) Tehran.

8. What is the name of the email program used by Marco and Neal?
(a) Outlook Express.
(b) GMail.
(c) KwyteMail.
(d) Yahoo.

9. What type of phone does Neal purchase?
(a) Smartphone.
(b) Blackberry.
(c) iPhone.
(d) Palm.

10. What was the name of the clothing store Marco visited?
(a) Big and Tall.
(b) Roberto's.
(c) Carlito's.
(d) Macy's.

11. What type of building is located in the Piazza del Duomo?
(a) Cathedral.
(b) Cafe.
(c) Hotel.
(d) Coffee shop.

12. From that location the money is moved again, this time to ________.
(a) St. Simian.
(b) St. Christopher.
(c) St. Kitts.
(d) St. Sebastian.

13. Marco is unaware that he is being watched by the same woman that lured ____ to his death.
(a) Jake.
(b) Jack.
(c) Jacy.
(d) JT.

14. What item of Marco's is missing?
(a) Bag.
(b) Watch.
(c) Passport.
(d) Wallet.

15. After leaving Bologna, Marco makes his first stop in which Italian town?
(a) Turin.
(b) Bazzano.
(c) Padova.
(d) Trieste.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the contact's first name?

2. Which of the following words best describes the attitude of the person met by Marco?

3. The bribe money is moved to ______, the first of two locations.

4. The journalist hears rumors about the ____ scandal and decides to investigate.

5. What is the name of the kid on the scooter?

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