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1. Who is the President of the United States? What is his current status?

Arthur Morgan is the current President of the United States. Morgan is a one-term president, one who is obviously not popular. Morgan was up for re-election but carried only one state out of 50. This is a humiliating defeat. As a result, Morgan does not care what he accomplishes while he is in office; he just wants to get out. Morgan is approached regarding Presidential pardons, one of which he refuses because of the heinousness of the man's crime.

2. What are the President's immediate plans after leaving office? What are the opinions of his wife and others regarding these plans?

Morgan wants nothing more than to get out of Washington forever. Morgan has already purchased a small house in Alaska where he will retire to a life of fishing, hunting and solitude. Unlike his predecessors Morgan will not tour, lecture, remain in the public eye or open a Presidential library. Mrs. Morgan could not be more against the idea and has already returned to Delaware.

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