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Shoes - The CIA places tracking devices in these items.

Computer Bag - Backman buys one of these objects in which he carries his Smartphone and money.

Four Computer Discs - Joel Backman has possession of these items on which is the program called JAM.

Neptune - The Pakistanis discovered nine satellites with highly advance capabilities that they nicknamed this.

Passport - Backman requires this item to travel in Italy.

Ankyo 850 PC Pocket Smartphone - Neal Backman sends this item to his father, Joel.

KwyteMail - This is the email service Neal Backman advises his father to use in order to send untraceable, encrypted emails to him from Italy.

Backman, Pratt & Bolling - This is the name of the law firm Backman founded and ran during his heyday.

Rudley Federal Correctional Facility - This is the prison where Backman served six years of a twenty-year prison sentence...

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