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Chapters 1-4

• President Morgan prepares to leave office.

• Morgan considers issuing pardons.

• Morgan lost the election in a landslide.

• Morgan refuses one bribe.

• Reader is introduced to Teddy Maynard.

• Maynard is the head of the CIA.

• Morgan and Maynard dislike each other.

• Maynard is dying.

• Maynard plans to pardon Joel Backman.

• Backman was sent to prison six years earlier.

• Maynard plans to get information from Backman.

• Backman may meet with an untimely demise.

• Backman is released from prison.

• Backman agrees to the conditions of the pardon.
• Backman asks for protection.

• Backman is released and put under the watchful eye of the military.

• Backman is headed to parts unknown.

• Backman's family, friends and associates learn about his release.

• Reader is introduced to Carl Pratt.

• Pratt is Backman's ex-partner and attorney.

• Backman's case is recounted.
• Pratt worries that Backman will try to return to the office.

• Pratt recounts Backman's plea...

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