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Short Answer Questions

1. As detailed in Chapter 7 of "The Broken Cord," in order to motivate Adam to achieve, Michael used, unsuccessfully, punishment and what?

2. What was the name of the school Michael's kids attended after he took a job in another country because they had policies that emphasized special education?

3. How old was the boy that committed suicide mentioned on the radio program Michael tuned in to when he left the airport in Chapter 10?

4. How old was Adam when Michael told the kids he was marrying Louise?

5. Dr. May believed the FAS problem was serious but he also believed that his colleague Jeaneen Gray Eagle's figures about the problem were what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Michael want when he inquired about adopting a third child?

2. Why did some of Jeaneen Gray Eagle's colleagues refer to her as "chicken little" in reference to FAS?

3. What did Michael learn when he interviewed Brenda?

4. What did Michael see and learn during a reservation visit he recounted in Chapter 9 of "The Broken Cord?"

5. How did Michael's impulse decision to take a cross country trip back with the kids once back in the States turn out?

6. Where did Adam work part time as mentioned in Chapter 11 and what did he do?

7. Why did Michael get angry and with whom during his interview with Charlotte Braveheart?

8. What health crisis made Michael realize Adam needed two parents?

9. What did Jeaneen Gray Eagle believe made FAS even more terrible?

10. What did Michael come to realize about Adam when Brenda mentioned the fact that children with FAS have access to Medicaid?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Michael noted that Adam was good-natured, loving and open to people most of the time. How did these traits help/hinder Adam's development -- emotionally, physically, socially, academically, etc.?

Essay Topic 2

Adam wrote the last chapter in the book. Examine what insights are gained about Adam from this chapter; as well as what insights are gained about Adam's perceptions of Michael, his many caregivers, and his family life with Louise and his siblings?

Essay Topic 3

Michael and Adam participated in a naming ceremony at Standing Rock Indian reservation. Discuss the significance of this ceremony in connection with the people, Michael and Adam; as well as any symbolism represented therein.

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