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Short Answer Questions

1. As detailed in Chapter 7 of "The Broken Cord," in order to motivate Adam to achieve, Michael used, unsuccessfully, punishment and what?

2. Who had Charlotte worked with that Michael had already interviewed?

3. Where did Michael accept a job because the country had favorable policies that emphasized special education?

4. What type of professional was Charlotte?

5. What high school did Adam that attended was located in Claremont, NH?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Jeaneen Gray Eagle feel about jailing pregnant women who drank and what information did she reveal about family support in this matter?

2. What happened to Michael after six years of teaching at Dartmouth?

3. Who was Alice Hendrick?

4. Who was Madeline?

5. What did Michael hear when he tuned into the radio in the car he rented at the Rapid City airport in Chapter 10?

6. How did the kids respond when Michael told them that he and Louise were getting married?

7. What did Jeaneen Gray Eagle convey to Michael about her feelings on child abuse regarding alcohol use among pregnant mothers?

8. Where did Adam work part time as mentioned in Chapter 11 and what did he do?

9. What happened when Michael and the kids attended the pow-wow and reunion at Dartmouth?

10. What did Michael learn when he interviewed Brenda?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Examine the many ways Michael and Louise worked to help Adam be as self-sufficient as possible; discussing challenges, successes, and setbacks.

Essay Topic 2

Michael and Adam participated in a naming ceremony at Standing Rock Indian reservation. Discuss the significance of this ceremony in connection with the people, Michael and Adam; as well as any symbolism represented therein.

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the book Michael remained committed to Adam as his adopted son, even before he met Adam. Discuss the theme of commitment in "The Broken Cord," providing insights into how this concept was presented and developed throughout the book.

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