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Essay Topic 1

In the Foreword to "The Broken Cord," Louise Erdrich discusses her relationship with her adopted son Adam and her perspective about parental responsibility in connection with alcohol and pregnant women. Discuss the relationship between Louise and Adam and how this growing connection impacted Louise's perspective about parental responsibility, alcohol and pregnant women.

Essay Topic 2

Throughout the book Michael remained committed to Adam as his adopted son, even before he met Adam. Discuss the theme of commitment in "The Broken Cord," providing insights into how this concept was presented and developed throughout the book.

Essay Topic 3

Michael and Adam participated in a naming ceremony at Standing Rock Indian reservation. Discuss the significance of this ceremony in connection with the people, Michael and Adam; as well as any symbolism represented therein.

Essay Topic 4

Both of Adam's birth parents abused alcohol. What role/influence did Adam's birth parents play...

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