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Land halfway between the sea and hills

Ginny considers this land her kingdom, her escape, her sanctuary.

The Broken Bridge

This is a symbol for broken family ties.

Joe Chicago's jacket

This is a symbol of her mother; Anielle is stolen from her shortly after birth.

The mobile home

This represents a lack of roots. Ginny feels as if she does not truly know who she is; she is not grounded in any one culture.


This is the city in Wales where Ginny lives with her father.

Saint Cynog

Ginny draws the sign of Erzulie, the Haitian goddess of love, here.


This is the hometown of Ginny's paternal grandparents, Ken and Dorothy Howard.


This is the country in which Ginny and her father live.


This is the country from which Ginny's mother, Anielle Baptiste, hails.


This is the hometown of Robert and his...

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