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Essay Topic 1

How has being the black girl in her town affected Ginny and her sense of identity? How has she managed to cope with being the outsider? What positive effects has it had on her character?

Essay Topic 2

What influence have the following people had on Ginny's life?

1. Her father.

2. Her mother.

3. Andy.

4. Rhiannon.

Essay Topic 3

How does Ginny use art to cope with her problems? How does Ginny's idea art develop through the book and what does this symbolize in terms of her own character and what she has learned?

Essay Topic 4

How does Robert's arrival affect Ginny? Why is she so against him and how do you think this affects Robert so soon after his mother's death?

Essay Topic 5

How does Robert become an important part of Ginny's life? What does he help Ginny find out more about herself?

Essay Topic 6

What does Ginny remember...

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