The Broken Bridge Character Descriptions

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Ginny Howard

She grows into a young woman with a mature outlook and once she learns the truth of her family history, she is free. She becomes free to paint in a manner that is true to her own identity.

Tony Howard

He is motivated by his deep-seated fear and lack of confidence in himself when he covers up the former events of his life. His fear disappears when he learns to tell the truth.

Wendy Stevens

As the truth about Ginny's family is revealed, she becomes a confidante and a good female role model for Ginny.

Helen Meredith

She has a job, worldly knowledge and lives far enough away so as not to be a threat to Rhiannon.

Andy Evans

GInny and this character find similarities and comfort in one another, although they still have different ideas regarding how to deal with their feelings that they don't...

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