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Introductory Flashback and Chapter 1, The Visitor

• Ginny remembers the kids at school teasing her for being black. For a while they called her eenie meeny after the song that goes Eenie, meeny, miny Mo catch a nigger by its toe.

• Ginny is now nearing sixteen, and currently heading back home after a day at school. To her surprise, her father is in the house, talking to a woman called Wendy Stevens. Wendy is a social worker and her presence immediately puts Ginny on edge, thinking she has come to investigate her father. She is relieved when Wendy finally leaves.
• A while later Ginny is walking along the beach when she meets her friend Andy. She hasn't seen him for a long time, but he seems the same charming boy he was before he left. And like her he is black.

• When they see a large man wearing a...

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