The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Short Essay - Answer Key

Junot Díaz
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1. How do Oscar's sister's girlfriends treat him?

When the girls hang out at Oscar's house, they treat him as though he is deaf or they order him around. They might make him run their errands. They make fun of his games and his look. They blithely discuss intimate matters without considering if he is in the room or not.

2. In Part I, Chapter One, what does Oscar dream about his sister's friends?

Oscar dreams that he is either saving his sister's friends from aliens or returning to the neighborhood, rich and famous. In his apocalyptic daydreams, he is a super genius who combines world-çlass martial artistry with deadly firearms proficiency.

3. Why does Oscar consider it odd that Miggs can get a girlfriend?

Miggs seems to be an even bigger freak than Oscar. Miggs has acne, a bad laugh, and gray teeth. So Oscar cannot understand how the guy can get a girlfriend.

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