The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Character Descriptions

Junot Díaz
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Oscar de Leon

This character is described as a romantic hero and has horrible luck attracting a girlfriend.

Hypatia Belicia Cabral

This character's parents are killed and she ends up living as a slave until rescued by an aunt. Eventually, she moves to the U.S. where she has two children.

Abelard Cabral

This character is a surgeon who dies in prison after being found guilty of slander against the country's dictator.


This character narrates most of the novel and collects and stores his former roommate's notebook and writings in order to help a niece determine a cause and a cure for the family curse.

Nena Inca aka La Inca

This character adopts a young girl whose family has died because of the country's dictator.

Ybon Pimentel

This character has a boyfriend who is on the Dominican police force and she is a semi-retired prostitute. She is the...

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