The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Junot Díaz
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Part I, Chapter One

• There is a curse called the fuku that seemed to have something to do with dictator-for-life Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina.

• If anyone even thought something bad about Trujillo something horrible would happen.

• The story in the novel is a fuku story, and the narrator wonders if the novel isn't a counterspell known as zafa.

• The hero of the story, Oscar, has a brief period of time when he is seven that he has a lot of luck with females.

• He even had two girlfriends at one time for awhile until Maritza made Oscar break up with Olga.

• Shortly after that, Maritza dumped Oscar.

• Seemingly bad love karma hit Oscar and his former girlfriends.

• Olga and Oscar gain weight and become ugly; Maritza begins to date older men who slap her around.

• Oscar attends an all-boy Catholic high school and spends his adolescence without a...

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