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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Gregor die?
(a) Drowns.
(b) Has an accident with a vehicle.
(c) He is killed by soldiers.
(d) Kills himself with his rifle.

2. What is the name of the hotel built on the river bank beside the bridge?
(a) Marketplace hotel.
(b) Hotel-by-the-bridge.
(c) Hotel Visegrad.
(d) Zahler.

3. Where does Albert immigrate to after he is expelled from Vienna?
(a) America.
(b) Italy.
(c) Mexico.
(d) Buenos Aires.

4. What does sergeant-major Drazenovic order Gregor to do at the end of his evening shift on the bridge?
(a) Sing a song from their home country.
(b) Walk to the market and buy him some fruit.
(c) Go to dinner as quickly as possible.
(d) Go to the dormitory as soon as possible and stay until further notice.

5. Where does Alihodja go when the Austrians tell him to evacuate?
(a) Medjan.
(b) To his "coffin" or tiny room.
(c) To his house.
(d) The kapia.

6. What does Glasičanin tell Zorka after the Archduke Ferdinand is assassinated?
(a) He still wants to go to America.
(b) He no longer wants to marry her.
(c) He is going to Serbia to fight.
(d) He has no hope for the future.

7. What does Corkan dance on one icy night in Chapter 15?
(a) Parapet of the bridge.
(b) Hill behind the marketplace.
(c) Statue outside Lotte's hotel.
(d) Riverbank.

8. What does Maistor-Peitro's wife want him to do to the youths who chided him?
(a) Hit them in the face with his hammer.
(b) Sue them for libel.
(c) Have them arrested.
(d) Toss them off the bridge.

9. What is the summer of 1914 like for Visegrad?
(a) The weather is rainy.
(b) Fruitful.
(c) Poor.
(d) There is a terrible famine.

10. What do Hadji Omer and his wife lack in life?
(a) Money.
(b) A home.
(c) A child.
(d) Food.

11. Who grows thin and pale and thinks about jumping into the Drina in the summer of 914?
(a) Mrs. Bauer.
(b) Zorka.
(c) Albert.
(d) Lotte.

12. What are Balas and Mme. Bauer playing in Chapter 19?
(a) Violin and piano duet.
(b) Charades.
(c) Cards.
(d) Hide and seek.

13. What do the townspeople believe is happening when the bridge pier is drilled and a manhole cover is put over it?
(a) The bridge is being repaired.
(b) The bridge is being mined for explosion.
(c) The bridge pier needs to be replaced.
(d) The soldiers need a place to hide their food.

14. Who passes Gregor on the bridge that he looks forward to seeing again?
(a) Artist.
(b) A girl dressed in Turkish shawls.
(c) Soldier.
(d) Priest.

15. What new word is heard in Visegrad for the first time in Chapter 17?
(a) Computer.
(b) Technology.
(c) Mustard gas.
(d) Strike.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Stiković have published that he is dissatisfied with?

2. Who does Mihailo Ristić's give shelter to in his large home during bombardments?

3. What is built to link Sarajevo with the Serbian frontier?

4. Who is assassinated at the beginning of Chapter 16?

5. Why do Turkish youths chide Maistor-Peitro as he walks across the bridge in Chapter 18?

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