The Bridge on the Drina Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is the setting of Visegrad ?

Visegrad is a little town nestled into the hills with meadows, pastures, and orchards, and is located near the river Drina. The river flows through narrow gorges between mountains. In a few places it spreads out to form valleys that are suitable for cultivation.

2. Describe the bridge that spans the river Drina.

The bridge is made of stone with a large center that serves as the town's cultural center or kapia. There are benches along the center, and a fountain flowing from the mouth of a stone snake.

3. What are the important cultural events that occur on the bridge in Chapter 1?

A large portion of the lives of the townspeople of Visegrad takes place on this bridge. Weddings and funeral processions often stop at the bridge, and children grow up fishing or hunting doves on it. Elders of the town discuss public matters.

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